Information. Superpower.

Clueful is the app that automatically handles text and notes, freeing your attention and making your life easier.

See how it works:

1. Select text

Get text from images, websites, documents‚ÄĒanything on your screen.

2. Clueful saves it

Clueful saves and organizes what you send it.

3. Text is analyzed, grouped and annotated.

Clueful's engine understands content and finds what's important to you.

4. Get emails and research

Clueful uses your intentions to make content like emails and summaries.

Output in seconds

Send Clueful content as you browse. It just works.

  • Interesting person? Have Clueful draft a personalized email.

  • New project? Get Clueful to summarize dozens of pages as you browse.

  • Plans changed later? One click has Clueful create new versions using your original inputs.

Skip copy and pasting

Never paste into a document or spreadsheet again.Clueful stays out of the way and works in the background.

Surface what is important

Give Clueful an ocean of input. It filters out irrelevant content and saves what is useful.

Everything, everywhere

Need custom cover letters? Sifting through emails? Finding the best pizza?Clueful is useful for any task involving text on your screen.

Your data is yours

Both original input and processed data is yours forever. Access and export with a click.Integrate Clueful with:


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